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Apartment Lignum: the spirit of a real and lovely house!

This studio apartment immediately evokes the true atmosphere of the historical centre houses. The rural style and the decor items create a cozy suggestion. The wooden beamed ceiling and the cotto-floor are ideally joined by the big fireplace. And no worries about the cold season: the autonomous heating will make your accommodation a really comfortable refuge.

And what about summer? The stone structure offers a natural acclimatization, namely a nice cool, an enjoyable gift during the warm season.

Last but not last: the crafted front door bring extra natural light and in the same time a beautiful view on Santa Maria delle Rose: isn't that amazing?!

Features and benefits:

 40 square meters of total surface (main ambience: entry/sleeping zone equipped with double bed not divisible and one extra bed on request, wall wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom and mini-laundry on request). The studio apartment has a private entry.

Mini-apartment Petra: between past and future, the most romantic stay ever!

Petra is an intimate, cozy and characteristic mini-studio apartment made from the oldest part of the main building, a "fondaco".

The room was restored, to obtain an unique and comfortable creation according with the most genuine face of the town. The accurate renovation makes Petra a warm refuge without altering it's original beauty and it's own characteristics. Past and present but also technology, art and crafts meet together in a suggestive embrace: guests are enthusiastic about it!

Features and benefits:

25 square meters of total surface (main ambience: entry/kitchenette/sleeping area equipped with double bed not divisible and bathroom). The studio apartment has a private entry.

Nota Bene: the studio-apartments are not directly or indirectly joined to private green areas, balconies, patios or any other private outside areas that is not the alley of Via Jorgensen. In the same time is not provided using for any other type of private in/outdoor before/during/after the stay (with the only exception for the luggage storage). The studio apartments access is directly from and to Via Jorgensen. The both studio apartments are settled on the ground floor of the main building where the hosts live (first floor).

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